About Us

The mission of the public benefit organization is to carry out projects in the field of environmental protection, environmental education, sustainable development both on local and regional levels and to provide  public with information on environment. Company also  educates adults in the field of sustainable development and also provides environmental counselling. AK also focuses on research in educational sciences, development strategies and  adaptation on climate change. The company promotes sustainable tourism and geotourism.

Agentura Koniklec is the holder of the Price of the Minister of Environment of the Czech Republic for the implementation of innovative forms of ecological education (1996), holder of the Price of the Japanese foundation „The Sasakawa Peace Foundation“ for the best ecological project of the year (1997), holder of the Price of the British Council for the project of local Agenda 21 in the Český kras area and holder of the Ford Motor Company’s Price for renewal of environment and cultural heritage (2001) and, together with the Administration of Protected Nature and Landscape Area Český kras, holder of the Price in a competition for public administration „On people with people“ (2003) received for a joint project of strategic planning of sustainable development.

Agentura Koniklec cooperates with the Ministry of Environment of the Czech Republic, as well as with a number of important non-governmental non-profit organisations on a long-term basis on implementation of projects in the above mentioned areas. Among principal long-term projects of the organisation belong the following:

  • Adaptation of Residential Areas to Climate Changes – Practical Solutions and Experience Sharing (www.adaptacesidel.cz)
  • Poradme.se – environmental counselling and experience exchange based on social networking (www.poradme.se)
  • Follow the Paths of Barrandien – sustainable tourism a geotourism with elements of digital interpretation (augmented reality)
  • Memorable and important trees in cities – elements of human relationship with a place and nature
  • Prague’s nature trails (www.prazskestezky.cz)
  • Research on evaluation in educational sciences end environmental literacy (as a partner of MUNI University Brno)
  • Green Light to Information campaign and contest for municipalities on „green“ webs (www.zelenainformacim.cz)
  • IT solutions for sustainable tourism based on in-house developed mobile
    application/guide inNatura (www.innatura.cz)